Web & Mobile App Development

Create Opportunities to Delight

The world has hit a digital era, where everything you require can be found on internet.

With this rises the necessity to evolve your business on the digital platform. We at SA Technologies are keen to turn your business into an online success. Cutting the norms of a typical web development company, we bring you the best technologies knitted with trending and customized designs that are sure to help your business bloom.

We take our work and customers very seriously, hence attaining perfection and customer satisfaction is our priority. We are open to help our customers with crafting a website, revamping an existing website or just leveraging the technology.

Content Management Solutions

Our team will help you through the entire process of setting up enterprise strategies, choosing the right CMS platform, defining the architecture, execution, training and ongoing maintenance.

Ecommerce Solutions

Inspired by the latest design, and factoring in the specific tastes and preferences of the customer, we deliver end-to-end ECommerce Solutions that provide for a hassle free online shopping experience.

Custom Web Solutions

We customize as per your business requirements, all while taking into consideration the current and expected market trends to deliver web design and apps that succeed in the ultimate goal of enhancing user experiences.


The demand of digitalization has strongly affected every business, this in-turn has escalated the use and need of mobile apps for businesses. Our strong presence in the market for over a decade has given us ample of experience and the title of experts in the digital market. SA Technologies craft innovative and smart applications ranging from Android, iOS, Blackberry across various platforms. Our wide team consists of creative heads and experienced developers who will surely turn your expectations into reality. Our motive is to help you attain your true business potential and make sure that you reach out to maximum customers across platforms.

Native App Dev

We empower global brands to connect with their audiences across a plethora of mobile devices. Our native app development covers various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry OS, etc.

Hybrid App Dev

We provide a complete range of hybrid app development solutions by coalescing the power of HTML5 with the most advanced mobile device frameworks such as Sencha, PhoneGap, etc.

Our Technical Experts are ready to resolve your challenges

Rich Media

Today, to attract the attention of your customers you need to be more than creative – you need to be charismatic. With some many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to get noticed.

Standing-out of the norms is what makes a brand. We at SA Technologies help your business and brand to step out of the digital media norms. Our extensive experience enables us to offer you with the best media and advertising solutions.

Our Services Include

  • Banner Campaigns
  • Promotional Rich Media content development
  • Motion Graphics Development
  • Rich Interactive Applications Development

QA Services

It’s heart breaking when you spend a fortune in development and then customers experience glitch in your products. These systems faults affect your possible business and also tampers your brand name.

  • Automated Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Domain Focused Testing
  • Test Consultancy

Resource Model

We Provide powerful single resources, small to large teams to help you build and deploy great products, at an accelerated pace and huge savings. Engage with best-in-class developers, designers, project managers, test engineers who will be a natural extension of your internal team.

Custom-fit Teams

Build a team that best suits your need. Need a Project Manager who can lead the team but also is hands-on? We have them.

No Minimum Commitments

Ramp-up or Scale Down teams at short notice. Never worry about minimum head-counts, locked-in tenures or restrictive clauses.

Collaborative Development Partners

Plan your SDLC with confidence. Our flexi-teams allow you to manage budgets with minimal impact on critical projects.


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