Is Salesforce the True King of CRM? Or Is There a Better Alternative?

Why is Salesforce dominating the CRM market? Is Salesforce really the best CRM? What makes it the best CRM? Are there any better alternatives for Salesforce? Do startups also have to opt for Salesforce? If you often wonder about any of these aforementioned questions, wonder no more. In this blog, we’ll answer all your questions related to Salesforce being the best CRM and more. 

CRM system or Customer Relationship Management is a technology that assists organizations to enhance interactions and develop relationships with customers. The various CRM platforms scrutinize and leverage the company’s data to form insightful reports. These reports even lead to customer acquisition. That’s basically what CRM is. Now let’s focus on Salesforce.

As you might’ve known Salesforce is one of the giants of the CRM industry. For the last 9 years, Salesforce is providing the industry-best CRM services to its wide base of clientele. Some of Salesforce’s amazing features and benefits are listed below:

What is Salesforce?

  • Visual Workflow
  • Mobile-Ready Dashboard
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Reliable Analytics
  • Efficient Task Management
  • Marketing Leads Monitoring
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Sales Lead Monitoring

Why is Salesforce the Best CRM?

Even after tech goliaths such as Microsoft and Oracle made their way in the CRM market with innovative platforms, this cloud-based CRM solution is dominating the international CRM market. So much so that, over 38% of CRM software clients prefer Salesforce over any other CRM platforms.

Many surveys point out that, right from 2015 to 2020, cloud computing accelerated in a way that it generated approx. 389 billion USD in revenue for Salesforce customers. The gigantic boost in Salesforce services has led to the creation of over 1.9 million cloud-driven jobs. Surveys have also found that over 80% of top organizations utilize at least one Salesforce application. And it is also projected that this frontrunning CRM platform is about to generate 3.3 million new jobs by the year 2022.

All these facts obviously gravitate towards the ultimate fact that Salesforce is definitely the king of CRM solutions and will remain so in near future.

What Makes Salesforce the best CRM?

Now, if you’re wondering what’s so special about Salesforce that it is dominating the global CRM market for such a long time. Let us take you through some of the most highlighting factors (read: advantages) clients experience when they sign up for Salesforce.

Utmost Convenience

Salesforce being a cloud-based CRM solution, it is accessible to you anytime, anywhere. When you opt for this elusive CRM system, it is also made available as a portable application for you so that you can efficiently operate it on your choice of device; be it desktops, tablets, or smartphones. In other words, you just require a mobile phone with internet connection to access Salesforce CRM software.

Reliable Support

One of the most important factors of Salesforce’s longevity all these years is its unparalleled customer support. The Salesforce customer support executives put extra efforts in making the process of onboarding and migration as smooth as possible. They really make your transition to Salesforce effortless; they start from helping you go through the pricing plans of your preferences to guiding you in customizing your dashboard to almost everything that seems difficult to you.

Dynamic Customizability

When compared to all other CRM solutions, it’s evident that Salesforce is the most customizable CRM platform. According to your personalized business needs, you can select a pricing plan; Salesforce Professional Edition if you’re a large company or Salesforce for Startups if you’ve just started. The modules and fields on Salesforce dashboard are also customizable and can be customized to suit your requirements.

Ease of Use

Salesforce’s simplified, user-friendly interface and systematic, easy-to-navigate design makes it extremely easy to use even to the beginners. As a result, no matter you’re a CRM expert or even a novice user, you can easily perform even the complex tasks to make the best out of Salesforce.

Great Service Providers

To all those organizations who don’t have enough time or don’t want to spend internal resources on implementing and utilizing Salesforce, there are many world-class Salesforce services providers that can help you with the implementation and integration of Salesforce.

Assisting User Community

Salesforce has built a massive user community over a decade that helps you out if you face any issues that you can’t solve on your own. Anyone who needs can easily find any kind of Salesforce-related help through community forums, blogs, and even YouTube videos.

Is there a Better Alternative to Salesforce?

Through the years, many CRM platforms have arisen that can potentially challenge Salesforce for the throne. But not a single one has managed to beat it yet.

The most noticeable competitors of Salesforce are Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, SugarCRM, HubSpot, and Oracle. However, Salesforce still stands on top being the king of CRM. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these competitors can surpass Salesforce’s popularity in near future.


As we’ve gone through the details, it’s evident that the Salesforce era has dawned upon us. Salesforce has helped a lot of organizations, from startups to large corporations, in enhancing their business processes and building customer relationships. And that’s why Salesforce is considered the king of CRM.

Partner with SA Technologies and digitally transform your business with Salesforce’s innovative CRM solution that’ll enable your organization to empower your relationships with customers across all channels.


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