Google Cloud Next’20 On-Air Week 6: Data Management & Databases

August 19, 2020: After learning data analytics technologies last week we are moving to Week 6 of Google Cloud Next’20 which talks about Data Management & Databases themes. In the last few weeks, we learned the topics which were around Industry Insights from Google cloud executives, Productivity and collaboration, Infrastructure modernization, security, and data analytics.

Now, it’s a turn to deep dive into Data Management & databases where you will learn how to migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, and fully managed service. Next’20 On Air is full of sessions, customer stories, and tips from your needs. The week started with the keynote with What’s new with database management by the Joint Director of Product management Penny Avril. Along with that, Sharechat VP’s of engineering Venkatesh Ramaswamy present on how they reduce the operational cost and improves team efficiency by migrating to Google Cloud.

Another global healthcare company McKesson will show you how they modernized their databases using Google Cloud services, including migrating from Oracle to Cloud SQL. Along with it, the speakers will share insights on what’s new with Cloud SQL. It’s a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to run MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server in the cloud. Over the last years, Google has made impressive growth to meet your needs for security, reliability, and financial governance.

You will also learn about how the company called Sharechat, one of the largest social media platforms in India, migrated from AWS to Google Cloud. Learn how ShareChat replaced DynamoDB with Google’s Cloud Spanner database for a better scale and improved efficiency

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