Google Cloud Announces Database Migration Service

Database Migration Services Makes things easy for enterprise buyers. So that they can move the production databases to the cloud.

November 12, 2020 (Sunnyvale, California): On November 12, Google Cloud launched a serverless Database Migration Service is available to survey, customers can relocate MySQL and SQL Server databases to cloud SQL to other Google Clouds. Database Migration Service makes its database simple, cost-effective, and trustworthy too. 

It is also saying that 75% of the database will be totally on the cloud platform in the next few years. Frequently using the database is costly and is hard to set up. They rapidly require an extra arrangement for the migration of computer resources during the migration process facing difficulties.

Google Cloud’s differentiated approach

Database Migration Service (DMS) is designed in such a way that it is dependable and clarifies network connectivity. It is easy to use, it eliminates the customer need because before setting up their network they must go through lengthy documents. Now, Clients can take advantage of and avoid clashing between origin and endpoint, generally when it is metadata operations.

” The way Companies update their framework and proceed with their digital strategies, undertaking crucial operational databases that strengthen their business success is important,” said General Manager and Vice president, Databases at Google Cloud. Database migration is difficult to process for many businesses. We are providing rationalized and highly appropriate product experience, which doesn’t matter where customers are starting, DMS has a simple and fixed way to migrate their database to cloud SQL”.

DMS is the fast track to Cloud SQL

The fastest-growing services at Google Cloud are Cloud SQL. The fastest-growing services at Google Cloud are Cloud SQL Database Migration service speedup migrations from outcome on-office and alternative database cloud service to cloud SQL, companies can take advantage of separate integrations with Google Kubernetes Engine Consultant. The DMS is available at no extra charge.

A new standard for accelerating Cloud Migrations

Simple: Assemble the database, configure connectivity, DMS provides a direct, integrated experience. Clients can get benefit from high speed and repetition setup with fewer benefits.

Secure and Suitable: DMS Secure delicate data during migration support for numerous secure, personal connectivity configurations. DMS holds native database capabilities to ensure reliability and similarity.

Nowadays HCL Customers are moving to the cloud because it is more secure and trustworthy.

We have also seen an increase in migrations over the board, which includes a motion of clients quitting AWS for other Google Cloud Service Providers

Availability and Getting Started

As we all know DMS is in Preview, it supports migrations of introducing MySQL databases, it can be on cloud or on-premises, and can also manage the database from other clouds like Cloud SQL for MySQL.  Clients start migrating with Database Migration service at no extra charge for native migrations. Back for PostgreSQL is available for restricted clients, with SQL Server launching soon.

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