Digital Transformation of your Nonprofits using free Software. 

Get Free/Discounted Software from Major vendors like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and many more to scale your Nonprofit. 

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Move Your Nonprofit Tech into Cloud 

SA Technologies is committed to delivering affordable and innovative digital solutions to help nonprofits tackle the world’s biggest challenges & unite their skills on one connected platform. 

What we Do 

  • Register and identify the best-discounted software. 
  • Understand your current IT Stack.
  • Build a plan for you to scale. 
  • Execute, Implement and Support your IT  systems. 
  • Remote Teams to reduce the cost of implementation.

Our Services


Move to Cloud

As a non-profit organization, you are mostly focused on making our world a better place and ensuring your resources are best utilized and the last thing you need to be worried about is servers, updates, and security alerts. SAT provides an integrated solution that digitally transforms the organizations and brings together the best-in-class productivity with advanced security and device management capabilities to run and grow your nonprofit organization. 
– Achieve more by better-connecting employees, partners, and constituents. 
– Get work done from anywhere, on any device. 
– Protect your company data across devices with always-on security. 
– Simplify the setup and management of employee devices and services with a single IT console. 


Expert Tech Implementation

SA Technologies has expertise in Implementing cloud services faster and more efficiently for Nonprofits. Our experts understand the unique challenges you face & have deep experience working with nonprofits. 

We can help you implement new cloud technologies to reduce expenses, collaborate more effectively, operate more securely, and prepare for emergencies. 

Request a free consultation to receive an assessment of your organization’s operational and technology needs, we’ll find the best implementation plan for your organization and budget. 


Managed IT and Helpdesk

SA Technologies Managed IT services provide a comprehensive solution for all your Nonprofits organization’s IT needs. From urgent help desk support to long-term technology planning, our services provide the support you need to keep your systems running so that you can stay focused on your mission. 

– 24X7 Live help desk support 
– System and backup management 
– Microsoft 365 support 
– Hardware and software upgrades 
– Security and performance monitoring 
– Ongoing technology advice and long-term planning 


Website development and digital marketing

Get free website analysis, customized solutions & cost-effective consultations — SA Technologies helps you determine your nonprofit’s website goals and strategy and support the right tools and technology to engage your followers and funders. We empower you with the services you need to grow or optimize your website and scale your online initiatives with less effort and greater impact. 

Reduce your all risk with an intern or a costly firm. Explore your nonprofits with our experts who serve as your trusted team of website strategists, designers, developers, and project managers. 


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Why SA Technologies?

  • SA Technologies globally providing service for more than 17 years & brings along precision, comprehensive experience, expertise, and deep industry knowledge. SA Technologies offers a full range of Digital Solutions  
  • We provide you a solution that will give insight into real-time data analytics. 
  • Expertise in developing Cloud Solutions as per industries with an in-depth understanding of your business.                
  • We take immense pride in our global presence that allows us to serve our clients present across the globe. 
  • We have a team of experienced professionals that enhances efficiency and renders quality as well as quantity. 

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