Media and Entertainment IT solutions

Renovative IT solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

Over the years, technology has evolved so much that it can transform any business model including the ones with Media and Entertainment.

While every industry is gradually moving away from their traditional ways and joining the digital revolution, the media and entertainment industry is no different. Media and entertainment IT solutions are in demand for they not only streamline the operational processes but also enhance the customer experience. SA Technologies’ Media and Entertainment IT services ensure to keep you ahead of your competitors. We, with our expert consultants and developers, help you gain the knowledge and tools that can deliver applications and software boosting your customer engagement.

Our services will give you the much-needed push to reach various platforms, find Custom Entertainment solutions and meet your business needs. Besides, we will minimize your efforts and make operations leaner than before.

power bi for industry

Power BI Media and Entertainment

Build visually stunning dashboards for social media monitoring and analytics with Power BI and its unique tools. You also receive,

  • Gain unparalleled operational efficiency
  • Track KPI’s in real-time
  • Dashboards to monitor the performance
  • Valuable Insights

azure for Manufacturing industry

Azure for Media and Entertainment

Encode, stream live and get content protection with Azure media services. The suite of services also involve,

  • Azure Provides Machine Learning Services
  • Azure IoT suits
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Bot Service

Dynamics AX for Media and Entertainment

Unlock the new ways to enhance revenues, improve marketing and sales with Dynamics AX services crafted especially for Media and Entertainment.

  • Bank Management
  • Resource Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Shared Service support

Microsoft SharePoint for Media and Entertainment

Use your infrastructure as valuable asset with the help of SharePoint services for media and entertainment. Besides you get features like,

  • SharePoint automates complex business processes
  • Establish a paperless back-office
  • A unified platform for multiple teams
  • Better Mobility Features

Dynamics CRM for Media and Entertainment

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for media and entertainment serves as a medium that majorly focuses on aligning the processes it offers,

  • Calendar Management
  • Activity Tracking
  • Easy Third-Party Integration
  • Opportunity Management

Microsoft PowerApps for Media and Entertainment

PowerApps comes with multiple functionalities allowing you to build the apps quickly. In addition it also offers,

  • App Creation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Custom API’s
  • Collaboration Support


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