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At SA Technologies, we can help you meet your goals of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance with sustainable solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Our team has extensive experience in setting up an internal audit function for an organization.

Since 2019, SA Technologies has been a thought leader in SOX and has helped a large number of clients implement and manage SOX Compliance with a comprehensive spectrum of services, including business process optimization and co-sourcing Sarbanes Oxley compliance services. SA Technologies recruits and keeps talented IT, SOX Compliance, and internal audit specialists.

When American corporations reporting under the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations indicate that their internal financial reporting controls are ineffective or that they have gotten a negative opinion from their auditors, the share prices of those companies do not perform as well. Investors want assurance that companies appropriately portray their performance, and executives want assurance that their S0X initiatives are producing both compliance and added value.

Using its general RIM (“Risk Assessment – Process Improvement – Continuous Monitoring”) methodology, SA Technologies approaches SOX Compliance projects. In order to meet the dynamically changing environment at the Company, we will routinely review and update the risk assessment. This will help to ensure that changes in business are reflected in our compliance effort. We developed our strategy to address an organization’s developing risk profile. Taking into account the risk profiles of the various businesses, we created and implemented a staged methodology for SOX Implementation for Pre-IPO and Newly Public Companies. 

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