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SA Technologies helps the Education Industry to implement a secure, accessible & consistent experience. We provide a perfect solution fit for addressing the current trends and challenges in education, whether on-site or distance learning. Cloud services avoid huge capital investments in IT infrastructure & allow schools and universities to upgrade with a cost-effective solution for communication and learning systems.
We offer a wide range of output that allow increased return for teachers and students, it includes lecture eBooks, student performance management, library management, learning, assessment, identity and access management, mobile applications, social learning, parent-teacher management, and much more. You can access this from any device like computers, Notepads, and smartphones. Education program gives tools energizing partnership and communicate between faculties and teachers.

SA Technologies is a cloud partner you can contact any time for consulting and activation on cloud education.


Transform your Institution with Cloud Leading Strategy  


Moving to the Cloud

SA Technologies helps you to use Cloud Technology to Communicate, Collaborate and create. See how using the cloud will transform teaching and learning in your school.  


Upgrade your classroom with a Cloud service 

Embrace your classroom with Cloud technology which will improve student attainment and saves teacher’s time. 

Easy and Fast access to all System 

Instead of having multiple login systems to access data and applications, get access to one common platform with a single login. Everything you need in one familiar location. 


Safe & Secure 

Working in a school, college, or university has access to a lot of sensitive data which makes security and data protection important. Secure your system with our cloud solutions which allow you to track the activity of users & prevent you from any data loss. 

Get access to tools that make teamwork better 

Whether you are an educator or a student, our collaboration tools will help you save time and money & increase your students’ learning outcomes.

Lead your institution into the future 

Use the Education Transformation Framework to find out how you can create an inspiring strategy for your institution and transform teaching and learning. 

Transform with the Cloud 

Learn about affordable, easy to manage, and safe technologies that you can use to achieve the best results in your classrooms. 

Our representative is ready to help you with your requirements

Build, Deploy and Manage Applications with Cloud Services. 



Students jump-start their careers and innovation with access to new tools and learning resources. 



Professors, teaching assistants and faculty get access to open-source content for classes. 



Prepare your students for cloud-based tech careers. Provide professional developer tools, software, services and educational content to your faculty and students with a low-cost subscription for Teaching. 

Our Key Partners 

Why SA Technologies? 

SA Technologies globally providing service for more than 17 years & brings along precision, comprehensive experience, expertise, and deep industry knowledge. SA Technologies offers a full range of Cloud Solutions & helps organizations in end-to-end services with real-time analytics solutions. 

  • We provide a one-stop solution for you with combine modular & end-to-end business service with the underlying infrastructure. 
  • We provide you a solution that will give insight into real-time data analytics. 
  • Expertise in developing Cloud Solutions as per industries with an in-depth understanding of your business. 

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