Diwali Celebration in SA Technologies

We all have some great memories of our childhood and the best ones are from Diwali. Every time we think of this amazing festival, our heart takes us down to the memory lane, where our houses are enlightened with diyas, smell of sweets being prepared, new clothes and a full fam-jam. But since we grew up and had to follow our dreams and take up responsibilities, the routine of Diwali changed.
We all are so caught up in our work that we sometimes forget to live in the moment, which is why SA Technologies take extra efforts every year and, on every occasion, to make the SATians feel home. This Diwali was one such amazing experience. Let us take you on the journey of our four-day long Diwali celebration in office.

Diya Painting

The first thing that flashes in front of our eyes when we say Diwali is ‘Diya’ and what better than starting off this celebration with Diya painting? So, our first-day celebration was about encouraging every SATian to use their talent and paint diyas with vibrant colors and glitters.

Best from waste Bay Decoration

Decoration is totally a synonym for Diwali! And we thought of doing it in a unique way. Our theme was ‘best out of waste’ which gave us a chance to use the least expected things in the most beautiful manner and trust us we rocked it. Don’t believe us? Check these pictures out.

Traditional Attire

We feel our best when we dress up and show up in our best attire. There is no doubt that we are the most enthusiastic ones in this department. We saved a day in the midst of this celebration to let ourselves loose and wear traditional attire in the office. Look how happy we looked!

Movie Day

What to do on a lazy Friday? We found the most amazing answer to that question. What? Well, we decided to play one of the all-time favorite movies and let everyone indulge in it. Sounds amazing? Well, the experience was even better.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call us the fun-loving people, and this proves it all.