power bi for retail industry

Power BI for Retail Industry

We have always heard that ‘convenience matters’, and with the boom in digitization, offering it has become essential now than ever. 2019 was for sure a year of transition, and the retail sector faced the biggest changes with its fair share of ups & downs. Along with the competition, the uncertainty in the retail industry…

benefits of RPO in 2020

5 Major benefits of RPO in 2020

Marc Bennioff, Chairman and co- CEO of Salesforce once said –  “ Acquiring the talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was and still is the most important thing we do”. Eventually, the first part of this statement made its place into existence, and business leaders accepted this fact. And the second part…

contract staffing

Why contract staffing is a wise move?

The exponential growth in recruitment industry has encouraged organizations to hire a candidate with the help of contract IT staffing service. A recent survey proved that one employee out of five has a job on a contract basis. If we believe predictions, in the coming decade contract-based employees might take on half of the workforce….

CRM helps Banking and Finance Sector

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps Banking and Finance Sector

Why Banking and Finance Industry needs Microsoft Dynamics CRM? The banking and finance industries are one of the most sensitive and error-prone industry types. It is known to everyone that the slightest mistake can result in a detrimental outcome. Therefore, the banking sector needs a well-aligned system that merges the core banking system with data…

Trends RPO in 2020

5 RPO Trends that will change the RPO in 2020

Recruitment Process Outsourcing The digital boom in the business world has led to significant progress in the modern workplace. And as we chase to become a better team and organization, the need for hiring the best talent have increased. Fortunately, we live in a time where Recruitment Process Outsourcing trends has turned the way recruitment and…


Diwali Celebration in SA Technologies

We all have some great memories of our childhood and the best ones are from Diwali. Every time we think of this amazing festival, our heart takes us down to the memory lane, where our houses are enlightened with diyas, smell of sweets being prepared, new clothes and a full fam-jam. But since we grew…

walkthrough of microsoft powerbi

A Walkthrough of Microsoft Power BI

As far as running a successful business is concerned, Microsoft Power BI service and its solutions are the avenues that are trusted by all the business leaders across the globe. With its introduction in 2015, Power BI has ever since evolved as a number one platform helping a multi-sized business to streamline their processes. For…