SA Technologies kicks off SCM Project for Wintec Industries

Pune, India – SA Technologies Inc, specialist in delivering consulting and technology solutions has commenced the SCM support project on a positive note for Wintec Industries, an expert in consumer electronics, e-commerce and supply chain solution on Warehouse Management Project.

Wintec’s Warehouse Management system is a key part of Supply Chain process. It controls all major activities such as merchandising, inventory management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, counting and order fulfillment. The company works with multiple suppliers and their current SCM system was unable to meet the demand of capturing enormous data that was being received through applications.

With an aggressive support project underway, Wintec needed a technology partner who could help them in enhancing their SCM system’s speed and accuracy. “When looking for a support partner, we were truly impressed by SAT’s strong knowledge base and experience in successful ERP implementations and in last three months they have totally proven us right” said project manager, Wintec Industries.

The project which began in June 2015 is supported by SAT’s offshore development center located in India, Pune. Under the assignment, SAT is supporting Wintec with project scoping and staffing the team with qualified global resources. Going forward SAT can help the company to develop and deploy a unified web based data receiving application which in turn consolidate the data deliveries from different suppliers, eventually optimizing the SCM system with the company needs.

“We’re absolutely excited to see how SA Technologies is developing Wintec’s Warehouse Management platform. Working for Chief OEM Manufacturer will further strengthen SAT’s position in market. SA Technologies has a rich history of supporting various companies in their ERP projects which has brought innovation and transformation to companies worldwide. Our team has kicked-off the project on a great note and are showing excellent commitment and smartness”, said ShajiNanu, Microsoft Practice Director at SA Technologies Inc.

About Wintec Industries

Wintec Industries, Inc. works to improve your technology world. Our services and technology products make your personal and work life better. Business lines include Consumer Electronics, Embedded OEM, E-Commerce Fulfillment, and Supply Change Management. Wintec is built upon a culture of hard work, opportunity creation, and delivery of our commitments. Proudly recognized as a global diversity company, continually striving to be a leader in innovative business practices as well as a responsible member of our global community and our environment.

About SA Technologies Inc.

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